Selecting your design and placing an order is fast and easy!  Just follow the steps below:

1. Browse our collection of t-shirts and select your design.  Anything printed on a t-shirt can be printed on a pen, table cloth or anything else.  Once you've made your choice, make a note of your selection.

2. Choose the items you'd like to order.   Once you've made your choice and clicked the BUY NOW icon, type the design you wanted printed in the DESIRED DESIGN box.

3. Complete the payment process and prepare to receive your new TrainerWear items within just a few days!

OK, we ARE trainers, so here it is again.....

Step 1.  Search our t-shirts for a design you like and either remember it or write it down.  ( We suggest you write it down, especially if you plan on ordering more than one)

Step 2.  Decide which ITEM(S) you wish to purchase.

Step 3.  Indicate your selected design on each item you're purchasing and complete the payment process

Step 4.  Wait for TrainerWear by Todd to show up in a few days!!

If your have a design of your own you'd like to have printed, 

                      please let us know...we can do it!!